Friday 18th June 2010

Ah, fun show today, ended up talking about psychic stuff on the show today, and ended up with (as always happens when we talk about stuff like this), some great stories, and some not so good ones, some made-y up ones as Nicky says, and a couple of REALLY scary ones, far too scary for a family blog- however, we did do a really cool stunt with Ali from the sandwich shop next door, a man from New Malden, and a pack of cards.

Uncanny and as funny as heck when ali went all Harry Potter on us and asked it it was the 6 of spiders!



Oh , there’s another scam going round , this time on the texts, it says that “According to our records, you can claim £2500 in non sold stock “or something, just call this number. My guess is that it is some peak rate number for £20 a minute, that has a really long recorded message on it.

Dan Cottrell makes me laugh, he has a show on Blog talk Radio, where he busts scammers live on air, I want to get him on my show, meantime, here is a link. You can even do scam baiting yourself, great fun, and a public service. Ha!

My colleague Alistair at Radio Jackie has a Vuvuzela horn app on his I-Phone.

I wonder if we could invent an app that could stick Vuvuzelas where the sun dosen’t shine. I bet it would be a winner. Did you know, there are people making 5 figures a month making fun I-Phone apps. If you would like to hear my podcast all about internet marketing, where I interviewed a roomful of big time internet marketers, totally free to you here. A must listen if you want to make money online. And if you don’t want to make money online you are weird, and I don’t want to be near you 🙂


Come on England!

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