Sunday 20th June 2010

Wildlife Aid

Damn, I forgot my camera, thankyou Karen who sent these through…

Radio Jackie's new branding policy is considered a little aggressive by some critics.

Hi to some of the regular faces there, including the Pasquale Posse, regulars… and lots of new faces as well, Simon Cowell said that there was more people than last year, and I am glad, it costs £1000 a day to run a centre like that. £350, 000 a year!

So I am glad that they had lots of folks turn up, and if you were one of them, hi to you. We also sang happy birthday to my daughter, who is 16 tomorrow.  She was mortified, and probably will not speak to me until she is 18 or so.

Happy birthday my wonderful sweetheart!


Anyone else have a teenage daughter or son, and thinking “Where did THOSE years go?”

It’s a great event, so many people chip in and make the day great, and thanks to the Bar

B Que boys for the water fight, which I , ummm , started!

Water fight champ 2010, well we all need something to aim for.










It was fair, they said my shirt was pink.

It was red. Or puce if you are a pretentious fashion designer.

No self respecting man could put up with an insult like that!








By the way, here’s the wind up we pulled on Wildlife Aid, thanks to Steve for being a good sport!

I am thinking of making the wind ups we did on the breakfast show available, so if you fancy that, watch this space.

Back on the radio tomorrow morning, party on. Luv ya’all (apart from the Bar B Que boys)

Neil x

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