Zumba, Mental Health and Mega Marketing

Ahhh, I think I may have found my vocation.

Or not.

Or partly possibly.

Promotional stunt, yes, Mankiki, no. Probably.

As far as podcasting how to goes, here is how it all ties in.

This was a win/win/win/win situation.

podcasting how to

Call 0208 404 5374

First, a colleague at work dared me to dance the Zumba Class in a Mankini.

So I said yes, as long as I could raise money for a local mental health charity, that provides alternative treatments for those most in need- Changez Charity




So here’s how it played out.

We did the stunt, some great foks at my Workplace- Radio Jackie got behind it, namely

Lucy Mayer, Jan Ashley, George Alderman and Jane Sims. Lucy’s Dad came as well, as well

as Darren Graham, the official Radio Jackie photographer.

The Zumba teacher, bless her has no idea what was about to infiltrate her class!

But she had a great sense of humour- Michelle Kelsall Singleton her name is, a fully

qualified Zumba , Belly Dancer and Aerobics Teacher.

Needless to say she is obscenely flexible and mega fit!

Loads of Facebook activity, a good awareness raising stunt for the radio station,

good publicity for Michelle from Zumba Fitness, profile building for (ahem) , me!

and of course, money – £200 raised for Changez Charity.


A win/win/win/win really!

Have a listen to the audio below!

podcasting how to

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