Money, Marie, Magnets, Masala Oh My

I have decided to blog every day for a week, lots to say!

I have been meaning to go on a Money Magnet Seminar, with Marie Claire Carlyle for ages- and finally I did on Saturday. She is the real deal- with a hugely successful background in the corporate/sales world, now a seminar leader, author and speaker for Hay House.

I really had a good time there, it is so good to be in a similar environmant with people who have studied the same kind of stuff as you. There were Law of Attraction, Rich Dad Poor Dad afficionados, as well as philanthropists, and a TM teacher. I did some TM a while ago, and would love to brush up- if you look at the benefits of it, I cant think of any reason NOT to do it!

I will blog every day on some of the concepts I learned there over the next few days- and it is valuable stuff believe me.


Hi to Keith who I met there, we had a good chat- he knows the Pop/R and B Star Omar (“there’s nothing like this…- remember)

Thanks Keith for being my curry lunch partner, and great to meet you.


Then back to do a gig at the Holiday Inn for the 26.2 Runners Club, which was a great gig, and thankyou to Peter and also the staff at the Holiday Inn including Nitin for the great hospitality. What a set- such a good crowd!


Now Sunday, planning my week, and meeting the daughter tonight for a meal, and if I can persuade her a movie as well, there are so many I want to see right now, including Mel Gibsons new one, American Pie, Dark Shadows and the new Irvine Welsh one “Ecstacy”, that seems not to be on general release.


I don’t know if you have heard of “Kickstart” – one of the best internet marketing newsletters online, in this issue author Martin Avis, discusses the 80/20 rule, which I would guess that a lot of us have heard of but not used- he poignantly highlights it here- here is an excerpt from the newsletter- and you can sign up here if you want (I recommend it)

From the newsletter:

When Delia fell ill, over 6 months ago now, I realized that my
ability to work would be severely limited. What with all the
hospital visits and the sheer emotional weight on our minds, our
expectation was that, inevitably, our income would fall
drastically. We were prepared for that and had braced ourselves
to be living on our savings for a while until things could get
back to something like normal.

But, thank goodness, things turned out rather differently.

More by luck than planned intent, the mainstays of our business
are Kickstart Newsletter and the various membership sites that we
have built up over the last few years. Sure, we had lots of
affiliate websites and blogs, but keeping them updated was out of
the question and so almost all those other things have gone by
the wayside since before Christmas.

My input into my business has dropped to just a few hours a week
and Delia’s even lower. But, through it all, we have steadfastly
maintained the membership sites and I have continued to write
Kickstart, albeit rather sporadically.

So it has come as a huge surprise to find that with a fraction of
the normal input, our earnings over the last 6 months have
actually gone up.

It has been a very real demonstration of the 80:20 rule. By
stripping away the 80% of my efforts that produced 20% of my
income I have had more focus on the 20% that brought in the real



And Delia, can I wish you a fast and speedy recovery, and much love.

And Martin, keep on a writin’!


More soon



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