Busy busy busy

Busyholism, does anyone else suffer from that?

Much as I like many aspects of modern life, it re ally

came home to me the other day, when I realised how busy I (as well as everyone else) really was , I gave mysel an afternoon off to do nothing, and deliberately not think about anything work related, or anything I was trying to solve or work out.. or anything at all.

And it seemed like … well an alien experience. Having an afternoon off seemed alien, as if I”should” be doing something else.

I would wager that there’s people who would feel full blown guilt for taking a few hours off.

Man, that’s crazy making when you think about it.

Work life balance! Ha! Yeah right.

So then I made a list of everything I had to do today, and realised that ten people could not do that in a day, and if they could, they could not do it well. So time to rethink my strategy for time management I think.

Surely there’s a middle ground here? Your thoughts??

Had a lovely meal with my cool daughter- we are on a tour of SW London trying restaurants that we have not tried before, and we were by the river in Kingston yesterday. We had a lovely Spanish meal.

I said “That was nice sweetheart, lets see each other during the week” She said “Umm, would like to , I am too busy”

See above point!

Good luck with the sound engineering this week darling by the way.

Nice to see you Karen who came in to see us on the show, talking about Silly Song Friday, she bought in a 1981 annual from Keith Mitchell- the “Captain Beaky” annual, seriously! It was voiced by a very young looking Peter Sellers and Harry Secombe if I remember (seriously, was that guy ever young, all I remember was an old guy singing on Songs of Praise).

Also in the annual was Noel Edmonds and Penelope Keith  who never seem to change.


She will mail me some more piccies from Wildlife Aid, which I will upload as and when.


Ok gotta go, must get busy!!

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