Tues 29th, and Wed 30th June

Various rantings….

Crimewatch live on the TV in the studio, why have they started showing Crimewatch in the day, it’s scary enough at night-

Having said that – the reconstructions- with the way they dramatise it… act it out, put scary music to it, they could make the pilfering of a grape look scary. Seriously.

I think they save the really juicy stuff for the night time edition, they have “crime-lite”  on during the day, the one I saw was a man raiding what I think was a cold store, making off with a side of meat.  In the big leagues then. Next week he might progress to pastry. Or not, becvause we got a good look at his mugshot.

The people on rogues gallery are never attractive- ever are they. Can you name one that you could look at and go “Do you know, I would…..”

Still, it is Crimewatch, not Baywatch.

One of the scenes I saw on the TV in the studio, with the sound turned down was of two policewomen searching a room, beds and mattresses, the whole lot, and at a quick glance, it looked like they were changing the bed. I thought, what a great service, really, do you get a little mint on the pillow as well.

Made me feel good to pay my taxes.

I can imagine the guy searched “Well, I lost my stash, but what a lovely clean room….”


More foolishness soon.

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