August 2nd LARGING 2

Ah, on my familliar keyboard now….

That’s better.


Ashee asked me about Spanish, and I enlightened her with my instant translation from English to Spanish, just add “os” to the end of everything.




What you staring at. Os.

Kinda works.

We moved room. On the first night, we could still hear people larging it, at 5 in the morning.

Not that I dislike that sound, I find the sound of a “party in the distance” kinda comforting , like rain against the window, but this was a bit different. All the normal largers had gone home, and just a few weird ones with a strange look in their eye were left. Not good or conducive to my beauty sleep, so we moved to the sister hotel next door, downstairs, with a sea view, and a nice balcony, with REALLY loud crickets, and a beautiful nighttime view, with all the boats lit up. Glorious.

Hired a car yesterday morning.

Got my first parking ticket in the evening.

What’s the similarity between a traffic warden and a stork.

They can both stick their bills up their assos.

Quote of the day “You complete slapper” Don’t ask.

Ashlea decided to see what it was really like to pretend to be a rabbit in headlights.


Ashlea and Jane from The Pink Panther bar (Ashlea does not work there. Yet.)


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