August 3rd 2010

Quote for the day

“I cant believe you just did that Daddy”

Oh come on.

I said yesterday, we moved rooms, well it just so happens, that if I vault over the balcony (ground floor remember),  walk through some bushes, about 5 metres, there is a nice kids pool. Perfect for a midnight swim.

Daddy no!

Too late baby.

As I do it, there are some other guys larging it in the sea.

Disgusting behaviour. At least I use a pool to large.

As I large, well swim a length- very refreshing actually, I can hear a woman shouting in a Northern Accent “I’ll see you’s tomorrow”.

I don’t know if she meant me or the people in the sea, but she sounded really pissed off. Perhaps envying my physique. Hey baby.

Tomorrow we go to Eden. The club to the “reclaim the dance floor night”. And the hippy market, where we can browse for trinkets made by people that believe in free love.

What kind of Dad am I really for taking my daughter to the hippy market.

Until tomorrow.

(If mad Northern Woman hasn’t got me)

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