Aug 4th LARGE

Mad northern woman did not get me.

Oh, by the way, me and Ash went for a Chinese last night:

I'll have the cream of "Sum Yung Guy"

By the way, you say thank you in Chinese by saying “Che Che” (spelling dodgy)

Be kind of funny if you were saying thankyou for the Tai Chi

Chi Che Che!

So, next morning dawns, and we went to the hippy market. Apparantly in the 60’s a ban of people who believed in free love all lived here, and so they could conrtibute to the economy, offered the chance to sell their stuff.

And they do so today too. Sell their stuff that is. The love now costs 20 euros.

So someone told me.

Hippy House? I reckon Tinky Winky lives next door.

"I wanna be a hippy..."

Tonight we go to Eden, one of the most happening places on the Island. Me, and all the cheesy quavers.

If I do not blog tomorrow, you will know I didn’t make it.


I can do this shit.

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