Return of the Mac?

 Went for a drive yesterday afternoon. Over to the hippy market as you know. Saw this sign on the way back, which appealed to Ashlea.

We came, we saw we larged.

But before we did that we had a meal in a restaurant, who had 2 speeds, slow and stop. But Ashlea did take a clever picture of the placemat.

Just turn left at the beer stain.

We got the boat to Eden, the other side of San Antonio.

Me and Ashlea, and a bunch of party people, crossing from a happening part of the Island to a MEGA happening part of the Island.

And it was on the boat, that the quote of the day was created. More on that at the end of this post.

Ashlea looked great. She has the irritating style of being able to carry off many fashion looks easily and effortlessly.

Must have got it from me. Seriously.

So, we are waiting for her friends, 3 guys she met on Facebook since we’ve been here.

Just kidding! I just wanted to see your hands fly up in horror.

No, it is 3 of her friends from home, who happen to be here. Cool eh. And she would rather enter the Club with them, than just with me. I can understand that. No one wants to be outshone by their Dad’s uber coolness. So she needs a little backup.

Captain LARGE and the Largettes (I made that up)

Nice bunch of lads actually. And out for a good time. Well you don’t come to Ibiza to pick flowers do you?

So, the early set in Eden, well it’s not commercial, the kind of thing that elderly people would describe as “Boom boom repetitive rubbish”, but  I kinda liked it even though I am a commercial boy at heart. But then, because of the price of the drinks,  ten euros for a Vodka andRed Bull, yep,. that much, we went out to find a cheaper deal, intending to come back for the Pendulum set at 4.

Ashleas friends found a good place where the DJ was playing an amazing commercial set, and we went back for Pendulum at 4. Wow, hearing Propane Nightmare – clubland loud was amazing.

The place went absolutely mad.

Recovering today.

Ashlea by the pool.

Oh, the quote of the day.

Good looking boy to Ashlea on boat talking about me ” Is that a friend of yours”

Ashlea “Uhhmm yeah, kindof”

More tomorrow.

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