Aug 8th Guru Josh for no dosh. And the “legend” that is Esta Noche.

Ashleas friend Josh has a house in Ibiza, and we were invited over there, really nice house and people, one that I used to work with at Safeways in New Malden when I was Ashleas age. At ten ish the “kids” decided they wanted to large, so we went into town.

And they got free tickets for Es Paradis. Next to Eden. Nicely done lads.

(Great bunch of lads btw, Josh, Aaron and Sam)

And two legends , not one, but two were playing there that night, Guru Josh, and Esta Noche. The guru I am familiar with, as he is the artist behind oneof my favourite dance anthems ever- Infinity. Recently remixed as well for the noughties.

Esta Noche not heard of, perhaps some Spanish legend.

large large large large large

The guru in action. Bloody good DJ, played the keyboards as well.

We have the mark...

This is not footage of the night, but incase you are wondering what “Infinity” sounds like, here is a version.

Wow, that sax!


So, that was Guru Josh, we never saw Esta Noche.

And we were not likely to, that means “tonight” in Spanish!

What a berk.

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