Aug 9th LAST NIGHT (a DJ saved my life)

 One more thing to do. Drive over to the other side of the island, to Cafe Mambo, where they play ambient music as the sun goes down, then party in one of the many cool bars, where name DJ’s play.

And Bob Sinclair would be that DJ for tonight, one more we had to see, especially as he was playing at Cafe Mambo, on the front in Ibiza, where they play ambient music as they watch the sun go down, then the party starts. And name DJ’s do a set, Fedde le Grande has been there, Roger Sanchez too, and tonight Bob Sinclar. (I have seen both spellings, you say Sinclar, I say Sinclair…)

"World.. hold on, Go On Bob" And get your hair cut!

We missed the sunset (darn that nature, would not wait for us), but Bob was good. Apart from a really dodgy version of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”,

But… being the last night, Ashlea decided she wanted to spend it at The Pink Panther.

So, we dropped the car off, an dropped in for, umm, just one…

The epitome of cool, yes? You cant see it that well in the piccie, but they are glasses with flashing rims, and a flashing plastic ring, bought from the guys that patrol the strip selling hats (bought one), sunglasses (no) and designer umm, watches.

I bought Ashlea a “Gucci”, and bought myself a meaty looking one, where the strap has since broken.

Anyway, the flashing glasses, the ring and the “Dad dancing” was too much for any 16 year old, so… (see pic below)



I had a great time, and so did Ashlea, and she will kill me for saying this in public, but I love you!

You rock, and thanks for being such a great daughter.

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