August 20th Friday, hurrah!

Neils news for Friday.

Nicky’s back on the show, welcome back Nix.

One week to go until the official launch on Womens Radio of Your internet profits radio, a show talking to internet marketing supremos, so if you are slogging away online with no success yet, it could be the show for you. The guests we have on are relateable and nice as well, ‘cos that’s important. Just as a teaser we have Nicola Cairncross star of The Money Gym, and Martin Avis author of one of the most popular , honest and relateable internet marketing newsletters, kickstart daily.

Nicola has been giving me some lessons as well on internet marketing, it really is a never ending education, I do recommend her by the way, as well as Money Gym membership– if you want more “financial intelligence”, I thoroughly reccommend her. She’s lovely as well.

Couple gigs coming up that I am looking forward to, next Friday at Club Viva. Mick Brown, my Radio Jackie colleague is there this Friday, me, next Friday.

if you go to the website, you can get in for nothing. Shhhhh!

Music wise it’s old and new, put it this way, my set last week inccluded Dizzie Rascal, Guru Josh, Pink, and Ben E King!

Seriously. Perhaps see you there next Friday.

The next Saturday, 28th…. Summer Live Music Fest, presented by me and my radio co-presenter Nicky Patrick. The line up is amazing, McFly, Basshunter, Chipmunk, Tinchy Strider, Al

isha Dixon, the Wanted, Stacey Soloman, Roll Deep.

What a line up.

You can still get tickets if you’re quick-

Nicky and I are making a podcast of the event, which I will post, shameless plug, if you wanted a promo podcast made for your event, product, service or website, I would be delighted to help. Podcast marketing and audio marketing at it’s best!

I recently helped a hypnotherapist/healer lady in Hayling Island start her own radio show, she will be on Womens Radio as well, with some fascinating “mental” journeys.

Good luck Tina – if you are up for your own radio online show, just get in touch.

You know Maureen as in 118212, you can now ask any question you want, silly or serious. I asked her out, texted “Hey Maureen, how about a hot date”

The reply- I am a corporation, and therefore cannot go out on dates of any kind.

I think she’s just playing hard to get, don’t you?

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