AUg 28th- Summer Live Music fest

"Ashlea all areas" and her friend Cara

Some pictures here from the Summer Live Music Fest, wonderful fun, sadly Basshunter had teeth problems and could not be there, otherwise, really really good.

A podcast will follow of course- audio marketing at its best! 

DJ Master Mxz Longie on the wheels of steel. Ummm

Apologies for the groupie second from the right

Nick Mager, nice guy and perfect showbiz teeth

Nicky and Julian Smith enjoying some hot sax in the afternoon.

Member of the latest urban grime band- oops, sorry, the mayor! But with bling like that he fooled me.

Neil and Alisha Dixon, "he does nothing, the boy..."

Tinchy. He rocked.

McFly. They rocked.

And rocked.

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