Happy Christmas to all my readers and listeners

Twas the night before Christmas

Near the end of the year

Neil did his writing

The  hit the beer.


In my exploration of psychology over the years, I have come upon something that might be called “Positive Psychology”, I hit on the idea of appreciation. Appreciate what you have and all that rather than bemoan what we don’t.

I don’t want to get all deep on you, all I want to say is Thankyou to….

…all mine, Nicky’s and Radio Jackie’s listeners, who sent us so many nice and heartfelt messages this morning on air.

It is so nice to get messages that “We get people through the morning” in a small way if I can make a difference, then it is a pleasure to do so…

So a very happy Christmas to all our listeners, to all my customers and clients through the year, and to all the folks I will meet in 2011.

And of course to my family and personal friends…

May 2011 be great for all of us in a thousand little ways.

And some big ones too!

More updates soon…..


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