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Through the week, I get bits of information and I think, Ah, they might be interested in this, or that…

So, here I am on a Saturday morning, frantically sharing the info I got during the week.

Radio is my first love, but that does not mean that I cannot appreciate all types of Social Media,and its applications in our business.

One of my subscribers wanted to start his own radio station, wow!

I found out about a bit of software that allows you to send video e-mails- and effectively do your own “show” by e-mail, if you like.  More on that soon.

Also, I am watching a really interesting video right now from a man called Max Simon, who is teaching me about attracting brilliant JV partners, there are a set of strategies that allow you to position you as an expert, and overcome the fear of reaching out the “What have I got to offer?” syndrome.

There are 3 videos that are packed with information, and I am watching the first one now, and I know I wanted to share it with you half way through it. You do need to give your e-mail address, but it’s worth it, ‘cos the info is brilliant in

the vids.


Its all about collaboration rather than competition, that may seem a bit “new agey fluffy”, but in may ways it makes sense to me- I have come across the concept before. It’s all about mindset. Most of us (I believe) have a mindset of “lack”, or enoughness. It’s not our fault, we have been taught since day one virtually on this planet. Be honest, when you think of “money”, what do you think- enough  or not enough….

As a practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic programming), I am interested in HOW the mind works, not the why we have a belief or behaviour pattern. And if it is under our control, then, why wouldn’t we use this marvellous tool to our advantage. We are already using it, just not deliberately a lot of the time. Including me, guilty as charged!

In NLP, we recognise that there are 2 parts to the mind, the Conscious and Unconscious. The Unconscious runs the stuff we do on automatic, you don’t have to think about it, it just does it.  You do not consciously control the beating of your heart or the complex biochemistry of your food digestion do you? I would not have a clue how to do that, and I am quite happy for my Unconscious to take care of that thankyou very much!

Sometimes though we run less than useful programs on automatic, you might call these beliefs. And they are not helpful at all.

2 principles at play here- “Generalisation” first, and “Compulsion”.

Let me explain.

Do you know how to open a door? Of course. But you were not BORN knowing that, you had to learn it. Now, (thanks to the mind principle of generalisation), you can open ANY door, without having to Consciously think about how to do it. It makes life easier and more convenient of course. And, probably, if you drive a car, you could more than likely jump in ANY car and drive it pretty well. Generalisation at play here again.

BUT (and I am getting to the point on money here,  honest!), what if we were brought up with ideas like..

“money is evil”

“Money does not grow on trees” (which if you think about it, it actually does!)

“You have to work hard and suffer to get ahead…”

And what if we had generalised THESE not useful beliefs into all the areas of our lives…

And I guess, most of us have done it.

So, my question is, can these beliefs be reprogrammed, and if so.. how.

We accept that they are a LEARNED behaviour.., so can they be UNLEARNED?

And can something better be substituted?

And if so, how?

What is the “Mental structure” of a rich person?

Makes sense in theory, right, but if this, at least theoretically makes sense, then why does my Unconscious not know it. Why can’t it apply the same level of reasoning as the Conscious mind

? (that’s you reading this by the way)

The reason is that the Unconscious does not operate on logic. It works on Compulsion. Think of someone who has a phobia, they LOGICALLY know it’s crazy to be scared of, let’s say, spiders, but they still have that reaction. To the unconscious it s a red flag, and it goes into fight or flight mode. Basically it is trying to protect you, so it is trying to do good. But it knows no better way, than a phobic reaction.  Almost like a small child reacting.

With some elegant and believe it or not-fun, NLP techniques, we can “talk” to the Unconscious and change the reaction. We do not try to “destroy” this part or medicate it for that matter, because as far as it is concerned it is doing good.

We kind of schmooze and transform it. We give it more alternatives. More choices, more resources. More. That’s what NLP is all about, more, not less.

So… can we apply the same to money. I will blog more with my findings…

In the next blog post, I will post some resources for mindset management.

So.. to come full circle, what if we all believed in abundance, not lack, and applied THAT to business? We would all generate more business, more customers, more prosperity, more money flowing through a society, (which would define how rich a society is surely), it would be more, not less. Competition would be unnecessary, and I would hazard a guess, life would be a lot more relaxed and fun.

Or, we can continue the way we are and try to beat everyone else out? How well is that working would you say? Which would you rather have?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying we have to spill all our business secrets, or not apply good business sense. But it’s a good thought don’t you think?

Unconscious, grab that one please!


Good luck to my lovely daughter, who goes for her first job interview today, Be nice to your kids so they say, they choose your nursing home!


Is it time you podcasted? For a limited time now, you can grab a copy of this, and be taught by me how to get your first podcast online in 4 short sessions… This is audio marketing on steroids!


Good luck to Kate Hudson- Hall and Alann Piper of Changez Charity. They are based in Twickenham, and have the support of Vince Cable, our local MP. Did you know that it can take up to 6 months to get seen if you have an acute mental condition. Well, Kate and Alan decided to do something about it, and have set up this charity, with therapists from many disciplines , including- Ahem- NLP, Reiki, EFT, Spiritual Healing, Osteopathy and more.

They turn no one away, and just ask for a small donation to the charity. I hope they get the success and credit they deserve.

Check them out


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