NLP, what the heck is that.

The funny thing about NLP, is that everyone seems to have a different definition of it.

Ask one and they say, “oh yeah, it’s about selling”

Or another, “Oh yeah it’s therapy”

Or another “Oh yeah, it’s sports performance- right?”

Well…. yes, right on all accounts.

NLP was invented by 2 rather clever men from the USA with complimentary skills.

“Neuro Linguistic Programming”

One a mathmatician, who used the metaphor that the mind was rather like a computer..

And the other a linguist, who noticed that the language we use is a rather telling metaphor for how we percieve life.

Together, they took the attitude (radical at the time, and still a bit now, but becoming less so), that it might be a better idea to find out what worked and do that, rather than trying to find out what was wrong, and why. OK, you may be screwed up because of your childhood, and fair enough, but yeah, we can take a good guess why, but even if we know why…… you’re still screwed up! You still HAVE the problem, just that now we know why!

What about understanding the mental structure of someone that does NOT have the problem, and teaching that person that?

We all have the same hardware (to use the computer metaphor), but can we reprogramme the software?

And the latest science says a resounding YES. Google the word “neuroplasticity”

Modelling is what we are talking about here. Understanding the HOW of a behaviour pattern and copying it. Or if it is not a productive one, changing it.

NLP asserts that people are not their behaviours. The goodness of a person is not in question, the presupposition is that “People make the best decisions that they can given their knowledge and circumstances”

NLP is jnot judgemental, even if someone is displaying very negative behaviours, it asserts that there must be a POSITIVE INTENT behind behaviours.

For example… Someone is very rude to people. They may have been hurt, and are protecting themselves, the positive intent is obvious when viewed like this.

So, what do we do? Give them more choices, so they can achieve their positive intent (which is reasonable), but in a more healthy way.

The same could be said for smoking, overspending, or anything else.

The reassuring thing is this- NO MATTER WHAt you want to achieve, someone somewhere has done it. NLP will give you the “psychotechnology” to do the same.

How about a pattern for….

Walt Disneys Creativity


Getting out of an abusive relationship?

Self love?


Happiness no matter what?

Modelling a great healer like Jesus (seriously, they have studied this! Its fair to say its not a service I offer yet 🙂

Optimal performance?

Falling OUT of love?

Positive parenting?

Creating money and abundance?


I mean, seriously who WOULDN’T want this stuff!

I seem to remember that on a holiday one time, I read in a Jack Canfield book about “Success leaving traces”, in other words, no matter what it is you want to do, someone somewhere has done it.

Using the NLP tenet “If one human can do it, anyone can do it”, or in NLP speak “Modelling”, so, would you like to know what has been modelled? What other people have done and are doing? What is potentially available for you?

See if a behavior is learned (say fear) it can be UNLEARNED. There is a pattern for learning it, therefore there must be a pattern for Unlearning it!

Take a deep breath:

  • Overcoming stage fright
  • Learning to spell
  • More independent in relationships
  • Healing trauma
  • Eliminating allergies
  • Responding well to criticism
  • Healing phobias
  • Healing abuse
  • Positive parenting
  • Asserting yourself respectfully
  • Being naturally thin
  • Healing guilt and shame
  • Positive motivation
  • Making decisions
  • Dealing with disaster
  • Intimacy and safety issues
  • How we code time, and how to use to our advantage
  • Healing the body
  • Knowing what you want
  • Changing limiting beliefs
  • Taking the emotional charge out of money issues
  • Feeling rich on the inside
  • From resentment to riches
  • Creating a richer world
  • Creating an alternative past
  • “Never too late to have a happy childhood”
  • Knowing and living your values
  • Increasing financial awareness/intelligence
  • 100 reasons to be rich.. (or anything else)
  • Strategies for making money
  • ..and creating abundance
  • Quitting smoking
  • Creating feelgood endorphins in the body on demand
  • Falling in love
  • Falling out of love
  • Increasing confidence
  • Getting rid of that irritating inner negative voice
  • Improving relationships
  • Walt Disneys Creativity Strategy
  • Creating calm feelings in the body on demand- and taking them with you wherever you go
  • Greater self love
  • Busting cravings
  • Increasing motivation
  • Integrated self belief
  • Dynamic performance and public speaking skills
  • Fun risk taking
  • Reframing negative into positive
  • Creating unlimited possibilities
  • Ready for romance!
  • Business success
  • Reprogramming your self image (the way you see you) for more success
  • See yourself throough the eyes of love
  • Whats right with you
  • Negativity fast
  • Asking empowering soution focussed questions
  • Solving perplexing problems
  • Creating a vision for a BIG dream
  • Boosting the immume system
  • Being happy
  • Letting go of negative feelings FAST!
  • Deciding on your values in life (what you love)
  • Overcoming emotional eating/shopping/sex
  • Better sex!
  • Understanding your emotional intelligence
  • The art of Being
  • Busting worry
  • Running your own brain
  • “Agreeing to win”negotiation skills
  • Making peace with your parents
  • Increasing pleasure
  • Reducing pleasure
  • Forgiveness
  • Healing co-dependence
  • Transform mistakes into learning
  • Better sales
  • Seduction

There are more, many more, and once you “get” the mechanics of mind, you can make your own!

And, yes, I can help you with any of these, mail me

More into by the way on

My health strategy

Thought I would share my strategy for good health, and I would be delighted to hear yours as well, (comment below).

1. Abraham’ s health 15 minute meditation once a day


Get into fat burning mode at least 3 times a week.

3. Drink alkalied water.

4. Choose to believe that health is the natural state of my body.

5. Choose to continue learning more about what my body wants and needs.

6. Follow Dr. John Grays diet protocol.

7. Do some flexibility training twice a week.

8. Choose to appreciate the body I have now.

9. Laugh more, be happy, and go for dreams!

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