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Mark Anastasi (a big cheese in the IM world), I have just been to his seminar.

And I will be there tomorrow, and Sunday, it is all about marketing on Facebook.

Social Media Marketing. I love it.

And it seems to be the way forward.

(And I want to be on Stage!)

Anyhoo.. here is the stuff  I learned, transcripted for you.

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Mark Anastasi- a great public speaker was on first, and before we talked about anything internet marketing related at all, we looked at a key component. MINDSET. In his opinion, this is key- without this, nothing else would really matter, and nothing else would be successful.

He is a fan of personal development of course, and has read most of the books that I guess most of us have. Rich Dad, Poor Dad springs to mind. The central tenet of Rich Dad, Poor Dad is:

An asset is something that puts money in your pocket

A liability is something that takes money out of it.

Many of us think, that our house for example, is an asset, but if you are still paying for it, it is a liability!

That’s not to say it is wrong, it is a wonderful thing of course to have a house, but the point is, it takes money from you rather than bringing money to you.

Roberts definition of financial freedom is where the money IN from assets, intersects with the money OUT on liabilities.

In other words, build a portfolio of assets, and make it worth more than your liabilities.

That makes good financial sense to me.

Now, of course, we could cut back, or change our desires, or… many other strategies. But if it were possible to create a bunch of great money producing assets, reduce our liabilities, and still have time to live our values and play and have fun, well, that’s a pretty good life in my book.

And it’s my goal, I am on the way to learning it.

Of course several statements in the last sentence run against the grain of what we have been taught:

“Like fun, money and work in the same sentence. Yeah right.”

“Or, this is a full time job in and of itself, how on earth can I acquire these skills overnight, and then use them…”

“I would be so busy earning my money that I would have no time to enjoy it.”

And they are fair points of course.

And rather common right now I am guessing.

Sure there is a learning curve, and one very important word. LEVERAGE!

But more on that later.

He said “If you do not understand money, you will spend your life working for it”, and I get that.

Is it possible that we do not know something, the knowing of which would change everything?


He said that we must break free from the rat race. WOULDN’T THAT BE NICE,

To have enough money to be able to buy what I want when I want it, not worry if I can afford it.


That would be my financial goal. And I intend to achieve it. Anyone coming with me?

I am not saying money is everything, of course not. Our values and joys in life are terribly important if we are to feel consistently good.

But wouldn’t it be nice to have no financial burdens so we could live those values and enjoy those joys


I also recommend Paul McKenna’s Book “I can make you rich“, as a fan of NLP, it is a blend of “inner” and “outer” technology, and I reckon a good program to work through. Good mindset stuff and rock solid business strategies, but al the same time being true to our values.

Read on.

Albert Einstein said “We cannot solve the problem with the same level of thinking that created it”

And I believe he was right. And there are two presuppositions in this sentence.

1. It is possible to think differently.

2. It is possible to solve the problem.

I love Michael Neill’s take on the subject, he talks of Dis-Solving the problem. Gotta love him!

Here is a link to his brilliant solutions cafe.  I cannot recommend his work enough.

Do you study Abraham-Hicks. I found a nice video here talking about the leverage of The Vortex.

That’s not quite the leverage I meant, but its a good aside.


Mark said that most people believe that getting a job is about writing a CV, lying and praying!

And that’s because most of our mindsets are based on lack. Some of us thought that our employers was the only source of my well being -in this case, money, and wanted them to give me as much as I could get out of them, without necessarily giving value.

This is not “bad” of course, it’s just not that creative. And it leads to all sorts of vicious competition, that we see every day in the business world.

It is a system that plays into a “Victim” mindset.

Is there an alternative. Yes. An abundance mindset. Abundance believes that there is always enough to go round. When you stop to think about it for a minute, in a Universe that as far as we know goes on forever, is it likely to be lacking anything at all?

Abundance asks how we can provide value to others lives. How we can serve them. Servie is not the same as subservience, or taking all kinds of abuse from the “customer who is always right”. The word Selling comes  from the Swedish word “To Serve”. Service is based on goodness for both parties. Hard selling is not necessary. If you had a subject that you were totally interested in, and couldn’t stop talking about, what if there was a bunch of people with similar interests that you could communicate with. In the age of the internet it has never been easier.

To reach out to the whole world, and fulfill peoples desires.

If you can find a niche you like, that others are interested in, you can make money chatting about what you like, recommending products (others or your own) to people, from anywhere in the world.

Never before in the history of the human race has an opportunity like this existed. We would be bonkers to ignore it!

20% of everyone in the world has an internet connection. Seriously!

Of course there is a learning curve, and tools you need for research and speed. But I say it is worth educating yourself.

If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.

That was another quote that came out over the weekend, and it made me think.

And with my NLP knowledge, I know that what one can do, anyone can do (within reasonable limits)

The importance of networking was discussed, as was the importance of immersing yourself in that environment, for maximum learning, which makes sense to me.

So that’s the first secret!

My recommendation to you, which I recommend if you are a newbie or even intermediate person to internet marketing, is Chris Farrells membership site. Chris is a fellow radio man, who has made a very successful transition to Internet Marketing, and his membership site teaches you everything you need to know in incredible detail.

No more searching around for answers to silly things you get stuck on, it’s all here, you can get started cheaply, and can unsubscribe anytime.

Highly recommended.


Thinking about it, there is still just as much money in the world since we had the recession, it has not been trucked off to another planet. Seriously. It’s just not flowing, moving, which is what a currency “current”, needs to do. It may interest you also that the latin for affluence is “affluere”, meaning “To Flow”, meaning a continuos stream of in and out in and out. Not “Grab as much as you can and keep it because there is no more”

See the difference in mindset?

One caveat here, some people use spending to fill a psychological hole, I think the quote was, “Spend money you don’t have, buying things you don’t need, to impress people you don’t even know!” Clearly that is not what I mean here. It comes down I think to a lack of approval of ourselves, so we use outer things to get it from others, which is unsustainable totally.

The good news is we are already worthy, we just need to accept that, we don’t need the validation of anyone else! Seriously!

As an interesting aside, I am sitting here typing this stuff about abundance, listening to the conversation around me that is totally lack based. Discussing how much it is to go one stop on a bus, which by the way is £2.20.

SHOCKING!I hang in the classiest places. Tomorrow the world!


Get a mentor.

Below is another quote that made me sit up and think. Which happens irritatingly often at personal development seminars.

Without a mentor, your best thinking is where you are now.

Trial and error can be frustrating, and expensive. Why not model someone who already has done what you want to do, and avoid all of the pain? Unless you are into that kind of stuff, in which case there are certain esteblishments you can go to. And no, I do not have an affiliate link for them! Yet.

So if someone is doing really well at something, find out how. Learn from them. MODEL IT as us NLP’ers say!

Most people if you approach them nicely are eager to help, in fact if they are an entrepreneur, they probably do it for a living. Which leads nicely onto the next millionaire mindset secret….


Money is created by the value you give to others. The more value, the more money.

Here are some ideas you need to drop about money:

  • Rich people are dishonest
  • Money is made by taking from others
  • Money is the root of all evil

Because if you hate money, why would you draw it to you. Would you be drawn to someone who hates you?


How do I make more money?


How can I create money today?


What problems do people have?

What do they want?

How can I add value?

Marketing is the process of communicating the benefits of what you have to your target market.

An opportinuty seeker says “How can I get more”

An entrepreneur says “How can I create value”

One attracts money, one repels it.

It is said that a good yardstick as to what mindset someone is in,  is to see if they sign up to product after product promising the world, and not delivering- ie scams. If they do, they are an opportunist.


It is said “Teach what you need to learn”



Get leverage.

The question was posed, “What leverage does David Beckham have”

Someone heckled “Posh Spice” Too funny.

But the answer is media of course.

You or I might kick a ball in a field, or even at our local football club.

David Beckham does it and the whole world sees.

THATS leverage friends.

By the way there is no truth to the rumour POSH SPICE stands for Pop Star Owns South Hertfordshire Should Probably Invest In Course of Elocution 🙂


Sell products, yours or someone elses.

Do not trade your time for money.

Create multiple income streams, and keep adding them.

Remember, an ASSET is something that puts money in your pocket, not what takes money out!

Once I read a book by a millionaire who said “If it floats, flies or fornicates, rent it, it’s cheaper!

Love it. Perhaps everymans dream is something that does all 3!



Get a pen and brainstorm.

This brings up all the limiting beliefs that you are holding that stop you from creating more money.

This is one of those “inner game” exercises.

Consider that the “invisible CREATES the visible”, In other words, our lives are a creation of what we BELIEVE.

Conditions…>>> Thoughts>>>Judgement>>Actions>>Results

The mindset has to change, otherwise “Wherever you go, there you are!”

Most people blame others, but this stops people being responsible for themselves. And it is disempowering.

Would you rather be a creator in charge of your life or a victim of it?

Listen to the language people use, how empowering is it? How does it reflect their view of the world.

Listen to the metaphors they use. Someone I know used a lot of “gambling” metaphors, like “I rolled the dice when I made that business decision”

Perhaps he sees life as a gamble. How do you see life? As a game, as fun, as full of delicious opportunities, or as a drudge, a cruel struggle?

And no, I have not mastered this yet, I am still a student.

In Paul McKennas latest brilliant book I Can Make You Happy, he talks about using extremes of language, like “always” “never”,- this kind of language cuts out positive possibilities.

More NLP good stuff here, on my site, and a free gift for you there.

Anyway, now onto…



Here goes:

400 clicks.

2% buy…

$30 a sale commission.

..per day

That’s $7200 a month friends. Would you like that?

Traffic= MONEY

OK Targeted traffic = money. Don’t try to sell hairbrushes to bald people.

So.. 400 clicks a day could lead to financial freedom.


Facebook pages.

Facebook Groups.

Have a look here: www.facebook.com/pages

Have a look at which pages are getting millions of hits, get inspiration.

When you update your page, fans are updated. If you update with good stuff it can go viral because when YOU update, your fans are updated as well. Pretty cool. All they have to do is click the “like” button.

When people appear on your wall, welcome them.

If they spam you, 3 strikes then out!

You can update pages with relevant stuff your fans want.

And from time to time, perhaps one in 4 times, you can offer them a product.

Either your own, or someone elses.

PROFILES have friends

PAGES have fans.

Another place to look for cool topics is Google Insights

This is a clever new tool!

So, choose a niche, set up an account, and join 150 groups. Invite people from those groups.

Check out www.fiverr.com as well, people will do things for a fiver here! Five dollars. They will mail all their Facebook group on your behalf, and much more.

Ways of makong money this way are:

  • Promoting affiliate programs
  • Others products or services
  • Continuity Programs
  • Lead Generation
  • Setting up Facebook pages for others
  • Promoting webinars and seminars

So, if every friend is worth $1 a day… if you create 10 fan pages a day for 30 days, $3000 a month.


We were advisedto:

  1. Do 4 updates a day
  2. Make those updates tips, tricks, industry stuff, you tube videos, just add value!

The more value you add, the more people know, like and trust you…

Then recommend related products.

And get rich!

If this all sounds like far too much work, you can outsource.

Fiverr.com is not the only site of its kind, there is also:









Remember, ADD VALUE

And I hope this has been of value to you.

If so, click LIKE!


More techniques:

By the way do go see Zed Shah’s site

I often wonder what to call the umm, apprenticeship to internet marketing.

The story often goes something like, “Believe you can make zillions overnight, buy every product online promising to teach you how, not make zillions, get confused, almost give up…..”

Sound familiar!

Zed had a learning curve he told us about, but once he got it, he started making a full time income in 3 weeks. Seriously.

Here is some of the information he shared, I do recommend you check out his site.

(in fact his speech was so popular, he got a 15 minute encore!)

He said, that we CAN partner with the big guys, if you know how to approach them, (see Max Simon above as well for more good strategies on this)

On a Facebook group that you set up:

  • Use a personal picture (not a product)
  • Don’t blast out affiliate links straight away
  • Do use other peoples content (success by association)

(As an aside, with my NLP knowledge, I know the Unconscious mind works by association, so good call here)

He made a very good point- have you ever done this, “friended” everybody in a target market, well.. don’t!

Go for quality not quantity. VET the people who come. Are they putting out good content

? Friend the good ones.

Focus on groups that:

  • Have high traffic
  • Have good content
  • Low spam
  • Are genuine!

Another tip is to befriend the admins of the group.

When you have a product to offer, you will have a lot more leverage this way.

On the fan page, have a MASSIVE call to action!

And add an opt in form. ASK people to take action, do not just expect them to.

The Connector Method

Find the top 100 movers and shakers in the industry, find their blog, and subscribe to their RSS feed. Look at their recent blog posts, follow them on Twitter, do they have a You Tube Channel?

Comment on a post in a personal way, keep it chilled, builds a good relationship.

See if you can get them on to Skype, and use Skype as your inner circle, not for public use.

Better to have 5 people who are of mutual value, than 5000 who are not.

Quality, not quantity.

If and when you do a product launch, for them, then make bonuses exclusive to them.

You can use PLR (Private Label Rights) for this.

If I may make a recomendation, have a look here for PLR, my friend Martin Avis has a great site.

Treat your wall like private property. No spam!

Zed talked about a lot more than this, and I do recommend you visit his site.

A quick tip from the field of NLP, people have different ways of doing business, and it can be useful to look for their style and mimic it, creates rapport- certainly do not force your way on them!

Laura Wilson

Next on stage was Laura Wilson..


She talked a lot about the importance of consistent branding, and she has certainly done that, have a look at her site!

More soon.

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