Abundance- Recieve it

I am a fan of the writer Alan Cohen,  he writes a lot about belief systems, and the power of mind.

Also I woke up this morning thinking about recieving.

So that is the subject of these blog posts.

Oh and one more thing- these random thoughts come in to

my mind, and I have to blog about them.

Alan Cohen makes the case for abundance, and he wrote a book about it. And when you think about it, his concepts in the book are rock solid.

He gives exercises to do in the book, which is a great idea to help us realise (make real), the concepts therein.

I quote:

1. Go to your window, and look out. Look at what you can see in abundance. Look for evidence of it. The more you look for it, the more you will see.

 (Google” reticular activation system”).

Ok a quick explanation here of the geek speak. Have you ever bought anew, say, red car, then seem them everywhere?

 Reticular activation system at work if you are psychogically minded or the law of the attraction if you are of that mindset.

So, given that, is it not a good idea to look for what you want to see?

What so you see in abundance around you? For me at my window, trees, grass, houses, birds, flowers..air, water, moisture, you name it it is there. Leaves and fruit fall off trees in abundance every year, and are recycled back, now THAT is not a bad system.

All given nothing wasted. Think about it.

Alan suggests we complete a sentence 3 times with a different answer:

“If I knew that I lived in an unlimited Universe that supplied all my needs no matter what.. i would…”

I think my first order of business would be “CHILL OUT” .

And surely ease is more fun than dis-ease any day.

Speaking of dis-ease, I am going on a course next month called NLP and Healing. This fascinates me, and if you want to know more, can I suggest you look at my mentor and teachers site: www.newlifepurposetraining.com

He does many intro courses, and NLP is , well, brilliant.

So are you for that matter if you only know it.. seriously.

Anyway, I have been fascinated by the subject of healing for a while, and how does it work?

 If we cut our hand, we can reasonably expect it to heal- of course.

I think expectation is the keyword here.

 People who decide they are going to be well, or anything really, usually do.

There are thousands of cases of this, and medical science does not understand it fully. They call it spontaneous remission.

If you don’t believe me, google Martin Brofman.

Equally, I am not dissing medical science in any way, the advances it has made are phenomenal, and I don’t see it stopping, which is cool. All I am saying is that there is more to the picture.

Now, these are only my theories, so I must put that disclaimer on it. But the latest advances in psychology and other sciences seem to bear it out. The mind is powerful. And being that we have a wonderful tool, why not , why on earth harness it to our advantage?

So, I am reading this book now called “The Healing Codes”- now for years I have thought, that the issue with modern medicine (and again I say that much of it is excellent), but it treats symptoms, not causes.

If the original cause was treated, then there would be nothing to treat, surely.

This book “the Healing Codes” claims to treat the causes, and they say they have had great success with it.

I am fascinated, and will explore more, and report back, but like you I have a healthy scepticism.

 All the theory, no matter how logical it sounds, ain’t worth ’nuffin surely.


The teachers of Law of attraction make things sound ridiculously simple. Ask, “Desire” , and “recieve” – allow. But seriously, (me included), how many of us do that? Sure we desire, of course we do, and let me make it clear here, I do not think there is anything wrong with desire, in fact in the environment we live in , it is impossible NOT to.

But recieving… that would imply a receptive process “Allowing” in the Abraham-Hicks teachings. LETTING it happen, not MAKING it happen.  How many people do you know that can have a desire for something, and gently relax into the trust that what they want is there?

Can you name one?

It’s like asking, but not opening to recieve, its like asking , and focussing on why it is not here yet, rather than positive expectation. If like attracts like, then that would attract “more of that” “more of NOT HAVING”, rather than allowing the HAVING. HMMM

Yes, it does my head in too, and the weird thing is, sometimes I believe it and sometimes I think it’s BS.

So enough for today.

But be open to recieve.

I know we are all taught it is better to give than recieve, but for me it is all about balance. I mean, if we were all giving all the time, there would be NO ONE TO RECIEVE! And that would rather defeat the point wouldn’t it?

That said, if all we do is recieve and never give, that would not work either surely.

Giving is good as it affirms abundance- If you can give it you must HAVE it to give. It’s a nice mindset.

And letting the other person give to you, affirms THEIR abundance as well, thereby improving their mindset. Thereby creating more….

So by not recieving, you are not doing anyone a favour really.  (healthy boundaries considered of course)

Recieve greatly! And give too! Pass the abundance please.

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