Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

I read in the Daily Mail today, about this tragic case

I think it is important that the police who arrested this elderly couple understand this condition- don’t get me wrong, I respect the police very much, however, I do not imagine that police training covers understanding psychological disorders.

This is close to my heart as I had OCD in my younger years, and it is f****ng horrible.

And all your loved ones can do is sit there and watch you suffer in your own self created misery.

To an outsider it seems ridiculous, but not if you are the one experiencing it. It is a painful and debilitating condition.

And treatable.

Putting my NLP head on for a moment, if say, the manifestation is a fear of germs, then every time a thought about germs is experienced, the sufferer will experience the same intense anxiety that they did the first time the problem started.

The mind generalises as a learning principle, and for some reason if your Unconscious believes that the same reaction is necessary, then it will give you the same feelings as the first time the problem started.

Then.. create a ritual (in this case, washing hands) to neutralise the anxiety.

And repeat, again and again.

It’s a well intended over generalisation taken to a ridiculous extreme.

It could be a defence mechanism created earlier in life inspired by a feeling of powerlessness, or it could be something that happened that was over generalised. Lets say you were bitten by a dog. Do you still experience feelings of tension around dogs- all dogs- or many


Logically (Conscious mind), it makes no sense. But to the Unconscious mind it makes perfect sense.

So, what if you read once that “Germs are dangerous”.. perhaps with strong emotion behind it.. the pattern is set- and sometimes we (Conscious mind) ┬ádo not know where it comes from.

My thoughts here would be to either remive the original stimulus that caused the fear, or make the person not scared of the issue any more.

Look at this:

Does it scare you?

No? Probably not.

Yet you probably see them every day, and you know there are thousands in the world.

Yet their presence does not bother you.

There are zillions of germs in the world too. And yet, does their presence bother you? Probably not that much- ok there is a healthy caution in the sense of reasonable hygiene, but you do not freak out at just the thought of it.

If someone came to me with a germ issue, healthy caution not withstanding, I would use NLP techniques to make it as innocuos in their mind as an orange is in yours.

You might say, yeah well, Oranges don’t harm you. And I say, yeah, and neither do most of the zillions of germs that surround you every day!

So they are there, but so what? That’s the effect I would create here.

Or, I would use “Time Change Techniques”, which is a little different.


Or.. anyway, OCD is treatable, and the idea of this poor girls parents being arrested to me is absurd.

They deserve compassion and help, not to be arrested for goodness sake!

What I will say to anyone who is upset by this story, it is very very VERY rare. An extreme case. The VAST VAST majority of OCD is treatable.

I am living proof.

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