Surrounded by Nicolas

Do I have some Nicola karma to burn or something? My internet marketing mentor is a Nicola, my radio partner presenter is a Nicky, and , while she was off for 2 days, I had the pleasure of working with another Nicola, Nicola Hume. She rocked, and it was great to work with her for a couple of  days.

This particular Nicola does an internet TV show

We did manage to cause quite a good amount of mischief in 2 days, including waking her friend up (thanks for being on) for a review of the midnight Harry Potter showing.

One of the things we did on the show was so funny, I had to blog about it:

TEXTING for over 60s

The kids have all their little SMS codes, like BFF, LOL etc.

So here are some codes for the more matured…

  • ATD – At the Doctor’s
  • BFF – Best Friends Funeral
  • BTW – Bring the Wheelchair
  • FWIW – Forgot Where I Was
  • GGPBL – Gotta Go, Pacemaker Battery Low
  • GHA – Got Heartburn Again
  • HGBM – Had Good Bowel Movement
  • IMHO – Is My Hearing

    -Aid On?

  • WAITT – Who Am I Talking To


  • GGLKI – Gotta Go, Laxative Kickin In!

Love it.

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