The lesser of 2 evils? | A cure for anxiety?

Call me facetious and a smartarse if you like. But how many times have you heard people say, “It was the lesser of 2 evils”. Fair enough – one of the central tenets of NLP, is that “People do the best they can based on what they know and what they have”.

But what if there was a third option.

My friend Jeanne wants to do singing lessons, she was – or has been to scared to until now. Up ’till now, she had 2 options as she saw it.

1. Don’t take the singing lessons, therefore avoiding the anxiety of doing what you are afraid of. But not go for your dream either.

2. Take the singing lessons, and feel sick with anxiety.

Some freaking choice.

Lesser of 2 evils? No thanks. I will choose the third option.

3. Take the risk, let the feelings come up, and heal them.

You see anxiety in the present is ALWAYS based on a fear of something that occured in the past. It is a learned response.

It is also worth noting that many, many talented professionals, still feel anxiety, and that in no way is a reflection on competency. John Lennon of the Beatles used to throw up before performances as he was so nervous. Would anyone care to call him incompetent!? Imagine. (Couldn’t resist the bad joke)

And anxiety can be healed in a remarkably short time with some simple NLP, and EFT exercises.

Now wouldn’t it be nice, rather than this crap choice or that crap choice, you could confidently say, “No thanks, I choose my own empowered way” Lesser of 2 evils? No thanks, I will have my own personal greater good thanks all the same.

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