Make Money Online | A Chris Farrell Membership Program Review

When I first started trying to build my own Internet Marketing Business online I was subscribing to every list I could find, reading every article and blog, trying to learn everything I needed to, and let’s face there is so much to learn!

To be honest, this was the worst approach I could have taken, but I didn’t know any better – I’d learn bits from one blog, and more bits from articles, but for everything I learned, I had as many new questions as I had answers, and it was frustrating that no one was explaining the whole business from the most basic principles.

Building an Internet Marketing Business can be a tricky endeavor – with so much to learn, so many people telling you the “right” way to do things, so many different ways of doing things, and with ever emerging new trends on the Internet to keep abreast of, how we can best manage our time and efforts to make this business work


The answer, for me, was to find a mentor and become an active member of a successful community.  I didn’t want to just join a “program” to teach me the skills; I wanted to belong to a commun ity where

i could share and contribute in the collective experiences and skills of a group of people, and the program I chose was the Chris Farrell Membership program.

Who Is Chris Farrell?

Chris is (much like me) an Englishman living in the United States – Beverley Hills in Chris’ case – with his wife and hoard of dogs.  A former London Radio DJ, he now makes a full-time living through his Internet Marketing Business.

Who Is The Chris Farrell Membership Program Intended for?

When Chris started online he found that no one was teaching the basics in an easy-to-understand way, and so he struggled.  Once he got it all figured out and started to make a full time income from Internet Marketing, he thought it was time to give back and do the thing no one had been able to do for him – start at the beginning and teach everything needed to create an Online Internet Marketing Business.

This program is definitely intended for:

  • Beginners in the industry
  • People who are struggling to make it work
  • People interested in free traffic techniques
  • People looking for an active, supportive, knowledgeable community
  • People looking for endless video tutorials from a guy with a British accent

What Do You Get Inside The Chris Farrell Membership Program?

Ok, Ok, so the last point is a stretch perhaps, but there are video tutorials of Chris walking you through pretty much any topic you can think of – everything from having the correct mindset for business, how to create your first website, setting up an auto-responder campaign, to driving free traffic from any number of sources, including Social Media – probably the hottest source of traffic right now.

If you are just beginning to build your Internet Marketing Business and are looking to get started, or just need some pointers on the business you already have, I highly recommend you check out this Chris Farrell’s Membership review, and for more articles and resource like this one, check out my Internet Marketing Blog.

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