Podcasting How To | How to leverage your podcasting to create traffic -Part 2

How do you come up with content because I am starting to get the impression that there’s almost a way of making this like a demonstration of continuous motion.  We find things to talk about; we find people to interview, convert it, get traffic from it, which draws people who have got stuff to tell you.  I mean is it like that?  Is it like a perpetual motion machine?

Nicola:       Absolutely Neil and that’s why I call my company the Business Success Factory because I wanted to make people realize that business success can be systemized.  It can become like a factory and production line and people, they sort of don’t like that idea – because they think ‘oh well, we know there is no entrepreneurial spirit or anything’ but the thing that having systems in your business does for you is, you know, I am still a one-man band.  I am just trying to take on the first apprentice and I am outsourcing bits

and pieces here and there but the thing about having systems means that you could get on the exciting fun stuff but you need traffic to convert to a mailing list, the mailing list you could sell the things to and you could get feedbacks.

So for example, I am just about to launch a very short, sharp, shock coaching program 4 weeks – very affordable and I got that idea from talking to our list about what they want because there’s a large portion that can’t afford my up market  mentoring programs but they really did well, a nice little short, sharp shock.

So that’s I wouldn’t have got that I do if I hadn’t been talking to our list about what they need.

Neil:            Interested about yeah, communication – different levels of, yeah.  So you would recommend podcasting as a good medium of communication and easily done.

Nicola:       Yeah, one of the easiest because everyone can talk can’t they, not everyone can write but everyone can talk and everybody can interview people so even if you have got a little blog, a little website, but still get to need traffic and it’s about a particular topic, you could identify your top ten experts in the field and go and interview them on the telephone for an hour each, not only could you then transform that and get it on your blog but you could podcast

it and you can turn it into video for YouTube and then you could make a little product out of it from your website.

Neil:            Well thank you for this wonderful information.  What about transcripting – is that expensive?

Nicola:       No, I have got a lovely lady in the Philippines who I thought was called ‘Aa’ because whenever she wrote to me she just signed herself ‘Aa’ and it turns out that’s actually her initials and I think pulling her off at last.  But she cost me about $10.00 an hour for transcription.  If I send her an hour’s worth of audio it costs me $10.00 to get it transcribed and she has got used to my little colloquialisms now so she comes back very accurate indeed.

Neil:            Yeah, well thanks so much for sharing this information with us.  I am off to do exactly that to follow your advice to the letter.  So Nicola Cairncross, thanks ever so much but before we go because this is going to be on my blog and on YouTube and podcasted, as you know, please give us some details about what you are offering and where people can find that.

Nicola:       Okay, I have a nice little webinar going at the moment which is called ’17 Things Every Entrepreneur Must Know to Profit in Tough times’ and you can find that at www.NicolaCairncross.dom/17things

–        that’s the number 17 and the word ‘things’, so www.NicolaCairncross.com/17things

Neil:    Okay, thank you very much indeed Nicola Cairncross.

Nicola:       You are welcome any time.

Neil:            Thank you.

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