Mar 2 2015

Your Online Profits Radio Show | Neil Long and Jack Humphrey 2

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In the second part of this podcast, I pick Jack Humphreys brain for  more brilliant information you can use, like:


-how to get people to (ethically) do what you want them to when they are on your site

-the optimal social networks to use for maximum exposure

-the true definition of quality content

-how to find that content

-what tools to use to find this content

-how to work with others for mutual benefit


Enjoy! And use!




Mar 1 2015

The Solution- Video 4! Must watch!

by admin

Feast your eyes on this!!:

Mar 1 2015

Affiliate Marketing Problems and Solutions, Part 3

by admin


Finding an offer is one thing.

Getting eyeballs in front of that offer is another

KEEPING them there is yet another.

And would you like one sale, or many?

The plot thickens…

Mar 1 2015

Affiliate Marketing Problems and Solutions, Part 2

by admin


Nothing To Buy here, just another fun video,

all about the dreaded “T” word!


Mar 1 2015

Affiliate Marketing Problems and Solutions Part 1

by admin

Nothing to buy here, just watch this fun video.

Problems with the learning curve? You’re not alone

Jun 5 2014

Make huge dosh with webinars!

by admin

Welcome, I really wanted to share this information with you all about making money with webinars.

You can watch the video, listen on the podcast player, or download the free pdf document to keep as a checklist- in fact I recommend you do that as it contains all the links you need on there to get started in this incredibly leveraged way of making money. Webinars. Making money with webinars is amazingly easy,


CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD supporting pdf document



Really hope all this was helpful.



Mar 23 2014

NL-3- How to communicate with your list- surveys

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Free Fun Video for you –

Surveys, and how how to  communicate with your list with them


Hello, thanks for popping over to my humble blog.

Just wanted to make a quick video to teach you a pretty cool, and free technique to communicate with your customers.


You can open a free survey monkey account at

There is an upgraded version which you can pay for, but that should not be necessary for our purposes here.

In the video I teach you how to set up a survey, then use the information to see more clearly what your customers want and need- the easiest, and most obvious mistake is to assume. And most of us do it from time to time.

Do enjoy the video, and please leave a comment below.

CLICK HERE to download the free PDF detailing all the steps in this:

All the best




Mar 18 2014

NL2- How to get the best bang for your buck on solo ads

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One of my subscribers asked me this very good question. How DO we get the bast value on solos?

Solo ads, like most things of the online persuasion can be done right, or not so right.

Because I want you not to waste time and money, I have made you a video below addressing this, and below is a checklist you can download for free (no optin required), which explains it all in step by step detail.


Mar 18 2014

NL1- Common Problems encountered online,and simple solutions

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I sent a short survey out to my mailing list, and looked with interest and some relief at the responses.

It seems I was not the only one to encounter these problems online. You know the ones, the ones they don’t tell you about in the snazzy sales letters!

Don’t get me wrong, I do like this game, but I do wish I had known this upfront. Still, never mind, I understand the problems from experience, so I am pleased to offer some recommendations for the internet marketing solutions as well.

Do comment below, and of course ask for what you need, if there is a solution for it, I will make a video on it!


This is the link for the product recommended in the video, I urge you to give it a go as soon as you can.










Oct 3 2013

Your Online Profits Radio Show | Neil Long and Jack Humphrey

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This is part one of an interview between Neil Long (me!), and Jack Humphrey, a long time internet marketer from the USA. He had one of the biggest success stories in viral marketing PRE the days of Facebook and Twitter, with his free download  “The Authority Black Book”, which was the leading edge at the time and an authority on Social Media Marketing.

Here we discuss tools, tips and techniques on how you can do the same.

Links to resources mentioned in the interview:






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