Oct 3 2013

Your online profits radio show Classic Episode | Neil Long and Nicola Cairncross

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More of your carefully thought out internet marketing questions answered here.

Oct 3 2013

Your Online Profits Radio Show Classic Episode | Neil Long and Nicola Cairncross

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More of your carefully thought out internet marketing questions answered here.

Oct 3 2013

Your Online Profits radio Show | Classic Episode | Neil Long and Nicola Cairncross

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More of your carefully thought out internet marketing questions answered here.

Oct 3 2013

Your Online Profits Radio Show | Classic episode | Neil Long and Nicola Cairncross

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More of your carefully thought out internet marketing questions answered here.

Jul 13 2012

Your Online Profits Radio Show- Free Facebook Traffic

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Free Facebook?


I did promise today to tall you about Free Traffic…

I also enclose a valuable free gift for you from Chris Farrell.

This man has been voted the number one internet marketer IN THE WORLD, by IM Report Card, and that is quite an accolade.

I am determined to provide quality and value to you as my subscriber.

Chris gets Facebook traffic to his sites, between 11,000 and 16,000 visitors a month, using simple, learnable strategies.

Wouldn’t they be worth learning?

There is stuff that most people don’t do when it comes to this business, and that is take the time to learn new skills. But they are so worth learning- doing so will put you 95% ahead of the curve- seriously!

When I asked you what you most wanted as you joined my list, a very high number, perhaps yourself, requested step by step guidance. A one stop shop.

When I started this simply was not in existence- as you know there are many, many facets to running any business, and even more when you consider the learning curve of the internet business. What would happen to me would be I would learn one new thing (out of the 100 new things I thought I had to learn), then get stuck on a small tech point that I did not understand. So I would hire my tech man, that would cost me money…. and on and on, repeat until broke or totally disillusioned!

When you consider the sheer amount of new material you have to learn, how to get started, buying a domain, traffic, writing copy, making products, building a list…. it’s a bit of a nightmare.

In the past you would have to get on a tonne of mailing lists, that would bombard you with offers to teach you (if you were lucky) ONE aspect of internet marketing.

But what if.. just what if there was a one stop shop for ALL you need. All explained to you in bite size chunks, in a disciplined, way, with NO HYPE or constant selling. Nothing less than a complete internet marketing education.

And you can get started for less than $5.

After that , there is a monthly fee, but you are free to cancel anytime you wish.

I urge you to watch the webinar, and give this amazing resource a try. There is a “Join Now” button on the top left of the screen.

>> Click here to view webinar

Jul 11 2012

Online Profits Radio Show

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Welcome to the 51 new subscribers this week by the way!

Welcome aboard!

Internet marketing is a dynamic fast changing business, and our needs change from one moment to the next, sometimes I wish there was a giant learning curve machine we could all use! Plug in and download all needed information into our craniums on demand!

But anyway!

The closest I can get is to ask you what you need, and respond with the goods. I can even get in touch with one of my experts I have met along my travels to give you the information.

If you have not yet taken my survey, please will you spare 2 minutes of your time to do so now.


It covers everything from your current problems and challenges to productivity to giving your online efforts extra zest!

The results in so far seem to cover questions about Podcasting, how to source leads, how to find out what customers are wanting, and self belief and confidence. Oh and an enquiry about pro voice work for your website.

Well, that can be found here: http://www.jollygoodvoice.com


I will be in touch in the next few days with more in depth solutions, but as a quickie…

Podcasting- well, you can get your first podcast on air in 4 short sessions, just by clicking here, nothing is left out, from market research to presenting it well, to getting it on the podcast networks…



For confidence building, hop over here to www.becomefree.co.uk

… and pick up a FREE confidence audio.

And as far as finding out what your customers want, well, this is what I am doing here, with this survey! And you can get a free account at survey monkey here www.surveymonkey.com


I hope this helps, and don’t forget to help me to help you!


Speak soon

Neil Long

Jul 10 2012

Your Online Profits Radio Show | Newsletter | Fri 6th July 2012

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In this issue:

  • More overwhelm anyone? Solution for creatives!
  • The Money Gym, give your financial life a workout! Free book all about Financial Intelligence
  • Listbuilding
  • Podcasting
  • Signups! Woohoo!

Well, that’s enough to be getting on with I guess, in our seemingly endless quest to make money online!


Too much to do?

Nah, all in a days work, do the normal everyday things in life, then update my social networks, make a top business decision, update more social networks, learn new skills… and have a life. Sure, I have all the time in the world! And monkeys might fly.

For me, being into personal development, law of attraction, internet marketing, NLP and DJ’ing, I am sure you can see my dilemma. And I guess I am not the only one.

OK identified problem, now solutions….

– One thing at a time. Multi tasking just scatters your attention and energy. I remember when I was 16 in one of my very first jobs, it was in the day when high street stores were busy on a Saturday. Fancy that! Before the days of huge stores on unattractive A Roads on the outskirts of town! I said to my manager who was not that impressed with my cashier skills “but it’s so BUSY”. He said “No matter how busy it gets, you can only serve one customer at a time” . And he was right (begrudgingly). Same here, I can only do one task at a time, so I may as well give it all I have got, in fact, pretend it is the ONLY thing I have to do today, so do it with care and attention, then move onto the next “ONLY” thing I have to do today…. etc

Or you could outsource. Some people equate outsourcing with sweat shops, and paying people in foreign countries a pittance, but I recently had this myth dispelled, certainly in the case of internet marketing. I read it in Mark Anastasis book “The Laptop Millionaire”, brilliant, by the way, on wages in the Phillipines.

Source: www.worldsalaries.org/phillipines.shtml

Hotel and restaurants $133 a month

Mechanic $144

Construction work $147

Real Estate $189


So, relative to the cost of living there, an average wage of $20o a month is more than the average pay!

So that cannot be exploitative.

Worth exploring.

The Money Gym


Speaking of money, I want to mention my mentor, Nicola Cairncross, she rocks! She has mentored me online- and she has years of experience.

She is always in the process of learning, (a sign of a good mentor I think), has a wonderful down to earthness and honesty, and a wonderful business knowledge. She herself was mentored by Gill Fielding, who was featured in the TV show “Secret Millionaire”, so that is the benchmark of quality here.

Would you like a FREE copy of her book “The Money Gym”? It is FREE here. And if you need a mentor on or offline, I would snap her up, IF you can get her!

It is said that without a mentor, all you have is your best thinking so far on a subject, and that is not always optimal- no offence!

Get the free downloadable book here

Speaking of Optimal Thinking….

Have you ever noticed that you get your best ideas, and have the best experiences in a RELAXED state of mind, not a frazzled one?

Would that not be a case for calm? Keep calm and carry on and all that.


NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming is the study of the mind and how it works. Loosely. It does not try to fix what is wrong, but notices what works, and seeks to teach that to people. It is a psychotechnology if I may. Basically, EVERY behaviour has a “structure” we DO it somehow. Whether it works or not (or gets the intended result), we do it anyway.

Which brings us to an interesting corollary- “There is NO failure, only FEEDBACK”. Therefore you can never fail at anything, all it means is given your outcome you wanted, you either achieved it or not. If you did, great, if not, well you got feedback on how to do it more effectively next time.

Perhaps new skills are needed. Which leads me to:

The 4 stages of learning ANYTHING:

– Unconscious incompetence- You don’t know what you don’t know. And you don’t know that you don’t know!

-Conscious Incompetence- You recognise that you are on the path to learning, but realize that you still have a lot to learn

-Conscious Competence- You are getting better, but still really have to concentrate

– Unconscious Competence- You do it without thinking, mastered it.

These are the 4 stages, and no one can buck them, so do not beat up on yourself, there IS no failure, only feedback.

Would you believe that there are strategies devised for accelerated learning, and making smarter decisions, and believe it or not the strately that Walt Disney used to come up with his brilliant ideas!

If you would like to learn more about NLP, and optimize your grey matter in a brilliant way, Click here



I guess we have all heard that the money is in the list. Or in the relationship you have with that list. But how to get a list in the first place. That’s the bit they leave out! I recently discovered a great resource called Safe-Swaps. Basically, you can buy very cheap clicks. There is a one off small joining fee. The you select someone you want to work with , and ask them to send a mininum of 100 clicks to your opt in page. It was really exciting for me- I noticed every few minutes a new subscriber was signing up! It is good to do a bit of research on what their list is interested in of course, and if it is a match, then go for it.

Once you have 1000 or so on the list, you can get even more leverage, as you can trade messages with them; mail to your mutual lists.

Well worth it in my experience, and if you want to give it a go, you can check it out here:

If you need any help by the way, drop me a mail at theneillong@gmail.com, I had some good training from my mentor on this. Happy to give you a heads up.


Podcasting- making you an authority!


Podcasting, making short, downloadable radio shows, for the interest of your audience is easier than you think, AND it establishes you as an authority in your niche, like listening to someone on the radio.

Click the banner above to see how you can be up and running in 4 short sessions!



I would love to meet you online and answer your questions, because I run the Online Profits Radio Show, I can get experts too, so if I don’t know, I find someone who does! Let me know what you need, and I will get the answers for you!


If you will just take 2 minutes to fill in this short survey, I would really appreciate it!


Until next time. And all the best to you.

If you like what you read here, please leave a comment below.


Neil Long









Feb 4 2012

Your Online Profits Radio Show | Matt Duggan | Make money from home

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make money from home

Actor, voiceover artist and intrnet marketer http://www.adventuresininternetmarketing.net/

Would you like to make money from home?

Matt Duggan wanted to find a way to make money from home, so quit as a full time magician, and looked into opportunities on the internet.

We listen to his story here – and get more great insights into the world of internet marketing- a compelling listen if you too want to make money from home.

Matt is also an actor and voiceover artist, which will be obvious when you hear him, he has IMHO a great confident manner. Again, we all have our own path to success, and here is his. He did challenge me to upload a video of doing a magic trick, which I may well do. In fact thinking about it to mystify you more, I will do an AUDIO magic trick, which I have posted below.

Matt offers a quick start guide on www.adventuresininternetmarketing.net, and writes a great, content filled blog there as well.



Sugar Sugar

Did anyone see in the week that sugar is suspected to be a poison, and dangerous, i don’t know quite wher I sit on this.

One one hand I get it, as diabetes does seem to be on the rise, yet is it the full story?

Have you heard of Stevia? It is a herb that is 100 times sweeter than sugar, and healthier apparantly. I have not done a lot of research into this, but I got the info from a good source not a bloke down the pub! Can’t really imagine the average geezer down the pub discussing the benefits of stevia! Nothing to sell here, I do not have an affiliate link for Stevia.


Desires and Dreams

I am writing this from my workplace (I am not working today!), and get to hear interesting banter from the folks in the office.

One of my collagues Richard Midsen, is learning to fly, and it got me thinking “Wow I want to do that”.

The closest thing I will do soon is parachute for charity I have wanted to do that for ages, but never got round to it!

I will be raising more money for Changez Charity, the alternative mental health charity in SW London, providing help for those who most need it.

make money from home

Call 0208 404 5374








I practise NLP there as a volunteer therapist, (Neuro Linguistic Programming), NLP is useful not only in a therapeutic context, but also in sales, marketing, pretty much in any area of life actually!

I have a free e-mail course on it, to teach you the basics, which you can find on www.becomefree.co.uk


How many therapists does it take to change a light bulb? One. But the lighbulb has to really WANT to change:)

Speaking of alternative therapies, my teacher Christopher Paul Jones has a friend who travelled near and far, researching alternative healing techniques, and has documented it in a movie. We call it the “Eat, Pray, Love moment”. I will find out more and give it a plug in the future, if that’s your kind of thing. And no, I am not a jostick consuming hippie. Not during the week anyway!



The next blog post will be all about “Rich Thinkers and Poor Thinkers”, and the mindset of both of them. It will be an interesting read, make sure you don’t miss that one, if you are wanting to make money from home.



If you have not done so yet, do download the free £97 worth of internet marketing gifts here, it is a great free package including

  • A set of videos “how to build an internet business for years to come”
  • An audio with Nicola Cairncross on how to market your business locally
  • An audio with a social media master
  • A podcast I made at an internet marketing seminar

It’s a nice package, and free which makes it nicer! Many ideas on how to make money from home.


OK, here’s the audio trick, as always please leave your comments below, anything you want to ask me about how to make money from home, just holler.




Until next time

Neil Long -X-


make money from home








Feb 4 2012

Your Online Profits Radio Show | Connie Regan Green | Huge Profits From a Tiny List

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ways to make money from home

Huge profits from a tiny list www.hugeprofitstinylist.com


ways to make money from home
Connie Regan Green








Presenting more ways to make money from home

Is it really possible to be ranked 12th in an affiliate contest, when the others you are up against have lists of 100,000, and you have a list of 671?

Could this be another great one of the ways to make money from home?


Um, Yes….

And to go from there to becoming a super affiliate, a book author then a mentor to others….to being involved with an organisation contributing to the eradication of a disease that has been on the planet forever?

Needless to say this lady is an inspiration, and that’s why I wanted her for an interview.

Listen and enjoy to several tips, tricks, tools and strategies, of ways to make money from home

I am always interested in peoples stories, I think it is interesting to hear how people got started, how they overcame their struggles, and triumphed.

At the seminar I want to recently where Chris Farrell was speaking- (he is a master of ways to make money from home!), he talked about how he got started, and I think it is impotant to realize that we all start somewhere! And that’s ok!

In other words, enjoy the learning curve, make it an enjoyable climb, not an impossible mountain.

It was Mark Anastasis Seminar, and he talked about the difference between “Rich” thinkers and “poor” thinkers, which I think it a post in and of itself, and I will do that one in a seperate post, as I don’t want to keep you reading all day!



Funny moment with my daughter the other day, I did a charity stunt, involving me wearing a rather embarassing bit of clobber-we did raise £200 for Changez charity- a local charity based in South West London, that help for those most in need.


Now for those of us who are parents to teenagers, we know that breathing is enough to embarass them, so dresssing in this way, is virtually (another) disownable offence! I threatened to put it on her Facebook wall- her words- “if you do, I will kill you and block you in that order”

That’s my  girl!



Do leave a comment on Facebook, let me know what you think of the content here, and if I can answer

any question, do not hesitate to holler!


Until next time


Neil x



Dec 10 2011

Your Online Profits Radio Show | Marlon Sanders Marketing Dashboard.

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marketing dashboard

Memo from Online Profits Radio Show:


I have snagged this one, Marlon Sanders a long time in the business I don’t think could bring out a naff product if he tried.

Marketing Dashboard? Well, it does what it says on the tin, but I don’t want to underrate it. Marketing dashboard is a bit of Marlon genius!

When doing our internet marketing, it can be hard to remember the next bit in the sequence, first this, then that, then…

But what if there was a way of being walked through step by step, with no space for error, or forgetting anything at all.

In fact, it is all explained to you bit by bit stage by stage, in an easy to follow weekly plan, without information overload- a big problem as we all know in this business. If you would like a virtual secretary/reminder/hand holder- marketing dashboard is for you.

I honestlydon’t knoe how much longer he can offer this at a discount like this, and it is an extraordinary discount for the quality of what you get.



Do check out our interview with Chris and Susan Beesley that we did last week- multiple income streams?? Best go listen.

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