May 16 2011

Podcasting How To | Podcasting and the rest of your life!

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It’s a funny old balance isn’t it.

Yes, podcasting is a great way of getting your message out there, yet there is much more to the running of a successful business.

I have just ordered the book “Getting all you can out of all you’ve got”

Jay Abraham is one of the most influential marketers on the planet, and makes the case for unused resources right in front of our nose. And I agree with him- so I will be devouring that book.

It seems a 3 fold “problem”. I mean the reason why I started a business was for more freedom.

I realise that some new skills need to be learned of course and that some work is involved. Yet ultimately, freedom is the “desire behind the desire”

  • Financial intelligence/Business sense and cash producing assets”
  • Time
  • Mindset and beliefs

Financial Intelligence

Robert Kiwosaki writes in “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” all about financial intelligence, and this would cover investing, and creating cash producing assets (an asset is something that puts something into your pocket, and a liability is something that takes cash out”. I get that.

It also covers the income from the assets exceeding outgoings, that would be financial freedom in my opinion- or at least one definition)


This is an obvious one. When you are self employed it throws up another set of problems. Of course, it is great to have the independence, and I love that idea, yet when doing what you love – ie play, starts to become work, in other words social time and work time start to fuse.. that can kinda take the joy out of it can’t it? I really recommend this link to Marie-Claire Carlyle’s blogwhere she talks about it in great detail. Marie Claire ticks all the boxes for me, there is financial intelligence, business savvy, and great mindset teachings as well, speaking of which…

Inner Game

Beliefs, perceptions…. self image. We gotta get our mindset right or there is not much point. “Happy now eager for more” is a good one, “really want something that you believe you can have”, that’s a good one. I recently made a list of the beliefs I would like to have in many areas of my life, and I am working (if  that’s the right word) to real-ize ie – make them real.

So it would seem the above all together make a pretty potent mix.

Outsourcing plays a pretty big part here as well I think, if you would like to grab a free report on my Outsourcing Secrets and if you would like a free copy of a book from anoher lady who ticks all the boxes for me, click the image below.

podcasting how to

podcasting how to

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