Feb 7 2011

No matter what, be positive

by admin


I guess I had better finish this blog post, as I have had some feedback on it, not all of it positive!

As someone that has struggled to be positive at times, I have done considerable research into it- into how we use our bodies and minds to create our internal state,. and I am reading the Paul McKenna book “I Can Make you Happy

I am a huge fan of Paul Mckenna, he is one of the leading lights in the personal development world, and one of the studies he cites in his book is the fascinating “Happiness Project” created by a brilliant leading edge thinker, Robert Holden. PROVING scientific ally, that the way we use our minds makes

all the difference. If you have a moment, watch the first part below- the rest is on You Tube.

Life is precious and short. Isimply cannot believe that we are on this planet to be unhappy!

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